All Mixed Up Traybakes

Hand-made using the finest ingredients, our indulgent traybakes are a variety of textures, taste and aesthetics. They are sure to tantalise your taste buds!





Melting Moments

A crumbly, melt in the mouth, custard flavour biscuit sandwiched together with a light buttercream!



Fudge Slice

A biscuit fudge base topped with Belgian Milk Chocolate!



Honeymoon Slice

Fast becoming one of our best sellers.
The honeymoon slice has 4 layers to delight you;
thick chocolate bottom, coconut & caramel, topped off with a rice krispie and chocolate layer



Caramel Mallow Slice

A Mars Bars inspired traybake
Chocolate on the bottom, topped with a toffee mallow, ooozy caramel and then chocolate!



Millionaires Shortbread

Shortbread base, gooey caramel centre with a delicious chocolate topping…whats not to like!



Mint Slice

A rich chocolate biscuit base topped with a mint flavoured fondant ice & Milk Chocolate!



Raspberry Ruffle

Delicious raspberry flavoured coconut ice sandwiched between dark chocolate!



Rocky Road Kill

Our take on Rocky Road. Digestive biscuits, marshmallows, smarties & white chocolate drops smothered in our chocolaty mixture!
One of our favourites!



Peanut Mallow Slice

A traybake inspired by the Snickers bar
Chocolate layer on the bottom topped with a peanut butter flavoured mallow, caramel and salted peanuts, all topped off with chocolate!